Travel Funding

The department has a process in place whereby CS graduate students can request partial support from the department for travel to conferences. Requests will be reviewed and (mostly) granted on a rolling basis, through a simple survey:


Our goal is to help support any student who has a refereed paper or presentation accepted at a conference once per fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). The 1st day of your trip defines which fiscal year it is in.

Requests for support for additional trips in a given year, or for conference attendance without a presentation, will be considered but not necessarily approved in all cases. Senior PhD students, for whom multiple trips in a year are common, are more likely to receive multiple funding awards in a given year.

Due to funding constraints, support levels will be limited for now to $400 for travel in the US and $600 for international travel. So getting support from other sources, such as your advisor and the GSA, is still important.