Travel Funding

Departmental funding

The department offers some financial support for CS graduate students to attend conferences. Requests will be reviewed and (mostly) granted on a rolling basis. If you submit the survey and don’t hear back for a few days, please contact the Treasurer by email directly.

See below under “Policy” to see if you qualify. If so, fill out this Travel Fund Request Google Form.


Our goal is to help support any student who has a refereed paper or presentation accepted at a conference once per fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). The 1st day of your trip defines which fiscal year it is in.

Requests for support must be submitted via the Travel Fund Request Form before the departure date of your travel. Presuming the travel request is approved, a link to a travel approval form will be provided along with further instructions.

Requests for support for additional trips in a given year, or for conference attendance without a presentation, will be considered but not necessarily approved in all cases. Senior PhD students, for whom multiple trips in a year are common, are more likely to receive multiple funding awards in a given year.

Due to funding constraints, support levels are limited to **$400 for travel in the US** and **$600 for international travel**. Getting support from other sources, such as your advisor and the GSA, is still important.

COVID-19 update: Due to anticipated short-term budget constraints in our department, and since conferences are now in virtual mode due to the pandemic, the upper limit for conference reimbursements has been lowered to $200. This policy is expected to be revoked once in-person conferences resume. In the meantime, when needed, please consider additional sources of funding and support, such as your advisor, TFP, or the conference itself.

Other sources of travel funding

There are other sources of travel funding.


Grad School


Some conferences have travel support. See the website of the conference you are planning to attend.